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The merging point between classic style and cutting-edge technology.

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Limitless Possibilities. A product for every wearable device.

An elegantly designed discreet magnetic track attaching wearable devices to eyewear. Almost unnoticeable, the PogoTrackTM enables anyone to use wearable technology in everyday life.

Connecting eyewear to electronic wearable devices


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PogoTrack™: Connecting Eyewear to Electronic Wearable Devices

PogoTrack™ was invented and developed to allow for electronic wearable devices to be attached easily and quickly to eyewear while preserving the fashion look of eyewear. Most consumers unless told, will not even know their eyewear of choice includes PogoTrack™.

Once the electronic device is attached to PogoTrack™ it can be slid forward when in use. When not in use the electronic device can be slid backward towards the rear of the temple.

If and when desired the electronic device can be detached from the eyewear and reattached easily at a later time.

PogoTec™ is now licensing PogoTrack™ to eyewear companies. In addition PogoTec™ is encouraging electronic wearable device companies to also take a license and make devices for attaching to eyewear. Eyewear represents a huge untapped market for electronic wearable device companies. There are approximately 300 million new eyewear frames sold per year and approximately 2 billion eyeglass wearers presently in the world.

Discrete... Beautiful... Elegant...

The limit is only the imagination

Tech Specs

  • Maintains the fashion look of eyewear as originally designed
  • Maintains the standard thickness of the eyewear temple
  • Maintains the structural integrity of the temple
  • Is not additive to the weight of the eyewear
  • Can be colored to match color of temple or used as an accent
  • Can be designed into metal, plastic and combination metal and plastic frames
  • Allows for electronic device to be slid forward and backward without removing from the track
  • Allows for electronic wearable devices to be attached and detached at will
  • Patent Pending standardized design for eyewear industry